HCG diet in Washington Township NJ

What is an HCG Diet and How Does it Work?

HCG diet has been recently on the rise in popularity for its use in helping people to lose weight fast. It is believed that following this diet will not cause you to feel hunger. HCG diet in Washington Township NJ involves taking hormone supplement and following a calorie restriction diet to reduce weight.

Human chorionic gonadotrophin (HCG) is a hormone that is produced during pregnancy to assist in the development of the embryo and fetus. The HCG hormone injection is prescribed by the doctor to treat women that suffer from hormone and fertility problems. Many weight loss doctors claim that combining the HCG supplement and the diet plan will help you to lose fat in the stomach and hips area. The diet can also boost metabolism and encourage the healthy eating habit.

Participants of the HCG diet is required to only eat up to 500 calories per day. Usually, they only eat 2 meals, which are lunch and dinner. HCG diet recommends that you take one protein source, and one vegetable source in each meal. Participants also have to eat fruit and bread every day. You can get a list of the approved food from the provider of the HCG diet plan. The list should include the specific amount of intake for each type of food.

Besides, participants should be drinking 8 glasses of water. A beverage like coffee and tea are allowed. You can also drink mineral water. Examples of the food options for an HCG diet are apple, grapefruit, onion, turkey, cucumber, and celery. Some of the food that you should avoid are butter, nut, starchy vegetables, and oil.

The HCG diet plan has 3 phases including loading phase, weight loss phase, and maintenance phase. In the first phase, the participants will eat as much calories and fat as possible. The HCG supplements are also taken in this phase. The first phase will last for about 2 days. In the second phase, the participants continue to take the HCG supplements but now they limit their calories to 500 calories a day.

The supplement is no longer being taken in the third phase. Now, the participants can resume their regular food intake by slowly increasing the food intake. You only have to spend 3 weeks on it if you are seeking only minimal weight loss. On the other hand, you should spend at least 6 weeks on the diet if you are targeting for a significant weight loss. Participants can repeat the 3 phases a few times until they have achieved the desired weight loss result.

HCG diet plan will only work if you are also reducing your calorie intake to 500 calories per day. The calorie restriction process is to be continued for several weeks. You also have to make sure that you take a genuine HCG supplement that contains HCG. There are lots of scam supplements that are homopathic and does not contain any HCG. Homopathic supplements are usually sold online so don’t attempt to buy them yourself at the online pharmacy. Instead, you should talk to your doctor about it and ask him to give you a prescription.